DIY - Fairystring Headband

July 08, 2017

Hey you, want to make your own light up hair accessory?

It's a super simple way to add the MOST personalized flare to any outfit.
Seriously, I'm not sure anything adds more eye candy to an ensemble than a light up thing on your head. Personally, I enjoy wearing it to events, any sort of arty thing, and if I'm really feelin caliente I'll wear it out dancing. Here's me wearing the Fairystring headband at a startup event in Bremen, Germany. 





    Take your long strand of tulle and lay it on a flat surface. Take the long side of your tulle strand and connect it with the opposite side to make a TULLE TUBE. Sew together. It should come out looking like a futuristic insect larvae nest. In the best way. 

    Next, just like panty hose, condense your tulle tube by crumpling both ends together while leaving a hole in the middle. This is where Fairystring comes in. Literally. 

    Take the end of your Fairystring and put it through your TULLE TUBE. Bend the end of the Fairystring wire around the end of your TULLE TUBE to keep it in place. You are now ready to let the tulle unfold and cover the rest of the Fairystring. 

    Now for the fun part! 

    If you're reading this, you've probably tied a bow on your head before. General assumption. 

    After you've made a beautiful bow on your head, you probably noticed how easy it was to bend the string into whatever shape your little heart desires. This is why I like the Fairystring Head Band accessory so much because it is so easy to mold and stays in place. 


    Plug your Fairystring into your mobile battery then hide your mobile battery in your bra strap. Disclaimer: You do not need a bra strap to enjoy this accessory.

    You're ready to go! 

    Oh! And its fun for the whole family! 


    If you would like to watch a more entertaining version of this blog post, below is the unbelievably awesome video of how to create your own Fairystring Headband step by step. 

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    Sabrina J.
    Sabrina J.

    June 12, 2017

    Hi Lulu, what a cool idea! I totally have to make one of these with my kids. Have you considered to offer bundles of the Size S and the Battery or even just a bundle of 3 or 5 of the Size S? Seems like this would also be a cool bachelorette party package kinda thing! Keep on inspiring, it’s a pleasure to follow you along. All the best.

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