DIY - How to Make a Wood Chandelier at Home

July 10, 2017

DIY Wood Chandelier with Fairystring in 20 Minutes or Less

I've been seeing these beautiful hanging centerpieces on Pinterest and Instagram lately that bring a lovely, natural and luminescent element to your space. I figured I HAVE to try and make one of my own with Fairystring. The most important thing is to find a piece that you are drawn to. Whether it be wood, glass, plastic, or 3D printed. The wooden branch that I found in our backyard instantaneously drew my attention and creativity. I'm a big proprietor of integrating natural elements into living spaces. 

Here are the materials you're going to need:

- Light to medium weight Chandelier
- Fairystring L or XL
- Fairystring Portable Battery / OR Fairystring Wall Plug if you have a nearby outlet
- Two or three Screw Hooks
- About 4ft of clear wire, string, or twine depending on how low you want it to hang from the ceiling


Disclaimer: This DIY literally took me 20 minutes. It seems like it will take longer because you're hanging an object from the ceiling, but it came together in a jiff. 


The first thing to decide is the direction you would like to hang your centerpiece from the ceiling. This is important because it will delineate from which surface you will begin your wire wrapping journey. Try and pick the furthest most point from the center of the piece. I began to wrap my Fairystring around the stick that stuck out the furthest. This allowed me to easily progress from one end of the drift wood to the other. 


Once you have gotten to the other end of your object, scope out an incognito piece of real estate to house your mobile battery. What I did was I got to the very end of my piece of drift wood and started to loop the light back the way that I came. Leaving extra wire I positioned my mobile battery in a way that was difficult to see from the ground, and started to loop the Fairystring around the battery and the stick at the same time. Creating a bit of a housing unit for the battery. It worked great!


Next were going to tie the strings that will suspend our object from the ceiling in two different places on the chandelier. If your object is disproportionate in size its important to determine the best place to tie your strings to allow for a proportionate distribution of weight, that way it's not tilted. 

Tie your string to the object and then make another loop at the top of the string. This will be used to loop around the hook on the ceiling. 


Now that your chandelier has two two strings attached to it, hold it up to the ceiling to determine where you're going to place your hooks. 

After you've done that you're ready to screw your hooks into the ceiling and loop the strings around the hooks. 



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