Fairystring in the News - The Verge

July 06, 2017

Fairystring was in the NEWS - The Verge

What an incredible opportunity it has been to share Fairystring's journey with the journalists at The Verge. The article came in super clutch, with only four days left of the project being live on Kickstarter.

Believe it or not I've been trying for months to get into contact with writers. Reaching out through Email, Twitter, Facebook, Prayers, even Reddit. 

Randomly via Instagram we received a message from an editor at The Verge commenting on the "adorableness" of our photos. I thought, holy cow, I'm glad someone is finally paying attention to the fact that were are creating not only a product but a brand that is centered in it's delivery and development of value. From there we began to communicate about the value proposition of Fairystring vs. other products on the market. 

Here is an excerpt from the article: 

"Here, I'll let Lulu explain the value proposition to you, as she did to me in an email exchange:

'We’ve been messing around with these LED lights for over 7 months now and have begun to realize that the majority of what is available is junk. Within that time frame we have been able to identify what exactly makes for a good String Light and what doesn’t. Because this is the first of many products, we want to make sure that the price our customers are paying for Fairystring is justified with quality and constant development.'

'We will be the ‘big dog’ of USB String lights.'

I admit to being swayed by her enthusiasm and commitment to her craft. Besides, isn’t Lulu the type of dreamer and young entrepreneur that Kickstarter campaigns were always meant to support?"

Thank you to The Verge for an outstanding review. 

If you want to check out the rest of the article, here is the link: 


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