DIY - How to Create an Enchanting Photo Wall with Fairystring

May 22, 2017


DIY How to Make a String Light Photo Wall with Fairystring 

If you forego frames for all of your favorite photos, using Fairystring to hang Polaroids is our favorite way to personalize your bedroom space. 

For this DIY all you need are these four things: 

1. Fairystring XL (of course)
2. Clothespins (one for each photo)
3. Wall plug or Portable Battery
4. Tacks 

To hang the string lights we wrapped the wire once around wall tacks that we placed in a zigzag formation on the wall. It's important to start at the top of the wall with the blunt end of the Fairystring and end at the bottom of the wall with the USB. That way you can easily plug your Fairystring into any USB smartphone charger, I'm sure there are plenty laying around your house.

Another option is to use a portable Fairystring USB Power Bank (pictured above). This is a great option if you want to take your LIT UP photos on the go, all you have to do is charge the battery. 

We've been really getting into testing out instant print cameras. Currently, our favorite is the Instax Mini 90, the colors come out great and the photos are the perfect size for collecting in your pocket. 

For the photo wall we wanted to try out a combination of different sized images, so we used our classic Polaroid and Instax photos. 

The last step is to evenly space your images along the Fairystring and use clothespins to clip your favorite memories onto the lovely glowing light. 

Time is running out to get your Fairystring at a bargain rate and make your very own Fairystring Photo Wall! Pledges start at $10 on Kickstarter, but you only a few more days to act! 

Get yours now on Kickstarter. To make a Photo Wall we recommend the XL Fairystring.

Stay tuned for more DIYs and exciting new products!



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