How Fairystring is made - A rare behind the scenes!

July 21, 2017

Hi there!

Ever wonder how Fairystring is actually made?

I figured some of you would enjoy a behind the scenes look at the process by which Fairystring is manufactured. From LED coating to soldering wires, I wanted to show you just how complicated making these seemingly simple fairy lights ends up being. 

All of our products involve a lot of "hand made" processes as you can see. In addition high tech machines and robots are being used for some of the finishing touches. Enjoy...

Curious about the shipping timeline?

We are not far away from the first large batch of Fairystring being completed. YAY! From there I’m shipping Fairystring to a fulfillment center in the United States which should take about 5-7 days (I paid for the fastest shipping so you all will get your Fairystring sooner. BOO YA!) From there the fulfillment center will take care of speedy shipments via USPS and DHL Global straight to your door. If you’re within the United States you should receive your Fairystring in late August. If you’re international, shipping may take a bit longer.

On the cusp of getting lit?

Okay, I’ve got a proposal for you! Use this one time discount code  XM97MNJJYRAR  when you checkout and save 20% on your order. This is only available for a few days.

Place your order at

Hope you enjoy this. If you have any questions leave a comment below or contact us via



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