May 31, 2017

Unbelievable where Fairystring started just 7 months ago and where we are today. 

The story of how we started is much like the origins of any new product. See a need fill a need. Our need was simple. We wanted the string lights in our home to function like the technology around us. Not like a AA battery powered remote control from the '90s. We asked our manufacturer to put a USB on the end of the LED string lights they were already making. The first of its kind. 

The value proposition of Fairystring truly lies in our commitment to developing the best quality product and experience for our customers. We’ve been messing around with LED lights for over 7 months now and have begun to realize that the majority of what is available in stores and online is junk (eh hem, Walmart).

Within that time frame we have been able to identify the characteristics that truly make for a quality product and what doesn’t.  Because this is the first of many products, we want to make sure that the price our customers are paying for Fairystring is justified with quality and constant development.

....oh and we have pretty cool photos. 

Today our Kickstarter reached a total $10,991!!!

Totally blew my mind. 

Without the support of our backers this would have never been possible. The feedback we have received throughout this journey has been priceless. Were so excited to ship Fairystring across the world in the near future.

Heres to the future! 


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June 09, 2017

Hi, how can I order it ? Im from Brunei Darussalam ,thank u in advance :)

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