What's up with Fairystring & Kickstarter?

June 17, 2017

Hello my friends, supporters, and backers,

The question that has been on everyones minds and within my inbox is, what the heck happened? 

I have tried to reverse this still unbelievable decision on Kickstarter's behalf. However, the Integrity Team has informed me that although this unfortunate event is not my fault, there is no way to reconcile their decision. Frankly, the matter was and still is out of my hands. I greatly appreciate your support, your following, and giving me a chance to bring Fairystring into your lives.

Some of you have been questioning my moral character and if this project was a fraud. Interesting how quick tides can turn from me doing Kickstarter Live Belly Flops every morning at 10am followed by 15 minute long explanations of developing new LED functionality, to me being immoral and a thief. I want to assure you that the reason my project was canceled had nothing to do with my moral character, nor fraud on my or Fairystring's behalf. 

I want you to know I have passion for this project and product. I have invested thousands of dollars into getting Fairystring off the ground. I just left my job to commit my full time and effort to creating beautiful surroundings with these little lights. It was a hard blow, but I am learning that unexpected nuances can be a part of starting a business. 

If you have any more questions or comments please email me directly. I am happy to respond to any and all concerns you may have. 

On the very bright side, the shop is currently live and ready to take orders.


I have been using my days to finalize all logistical and manufacturing matters before I took Fairystring.com live. As you may or may not know, I am a one woman show.

We are keeping Kickstarter prices for the next week, FOR BACKERS ONLY!

Make sure to place your order within the next week to receive your FREE SIZE S!

because if anyone deserves a reward...its you guys. MY OG.

Shipping: Manufacturing takes 2 weeks (yes, brand new, hot off the press). Shipping to Distribution center 1 week. Shipping to your house from Distribution center 1 week. Delivery 5 weeks from order. 

I am so passionate about my product and my biggest supporters, you all, my backers.

I am excited to see what the future brings.






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