Alias: LULU
Occupation: Founder of Fairystring 
Real Name: Carrie Shuler


Sprouted in cottonfield country, Lu is an Arizonan native. Her resiliency and work ethic comes from 18 years of professional tennis, carrying her to college in Hawai'i on a full ride scholarship. Later, Shuler would assist her team in becoming #2 in the nation for D2 tennis. 

Throughout academia she completed internships in New York City, most notably with the famed TV Host Michelle Won Park, worked for global media companies and completed a Masters Degree in Communication.

Following her education she went to work for CBS Corporation on the show Hawai'i Five-O in the costumes department. 

In the hopes of becoming her own boss and tasting the nectar of independence she founded Fairystring. Inspired by the true colors of Hawaii, vintage clothing, and a keen eye for tasty restaurants, Lu has a hard time not coming up with things to string lights around, in, above and beyond!

Currently, she is living in Berlin pursuing her dream of making Fairystring the big dog of string lights.