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When will Fairystring be sent to Kickstarter Backers?
Because our project actually ended on the 27th of May, we have yet to ship out products to backers. However, we are looking to do that within the next couple of weeks. Backers can expect to have Fairystring in their homes by July.

Which shipping method will you use? 
Were going to be using DHL Global for international shipment and USPS for all USA shipments.

Will all lengths including the XL strand include three modes: twinkling, breathing, and steady when they ship to backers?
The final product will have multiple modes. With the twinkle function being our custom mode that we have developed ourselves. We do think it sets us apart as it looks more “lifelike” as our inspiration is fireflies in nature.

How Long Do Fairystring Batteries last?
Energy output depends upon the length of the string.

Fairystring size S lasts approximately 40 hours. 
Fairystring size M approximately 35 hours.
Fairystring size L approximately 27-30 hours.
Fairystring size XL approximately 24 hours. 

The longer the string gets the shorter the battery life.

What is the value proposition over products like those at Walmart or Amazon (yours are much more expensive):
Obviously competition is inevitable. When we started this project 7 months ago there were no USB string lights anywhere, just the AA/AAA battery pack. We saw the string lights with the battery pack at the manufacturer in China and asked them to put a USB on the end of it. The first of its kind.

Amazon Link: These lights are okay. We actually have that one and it’s currently housed in our “fairy” dress. But there are some issues I will address below. The light and build quality is actually alright, but the black USB port is off putting especially for indoor settings.

Walmart Link: These ones are unfortunately pretty junky. We ordered these and they broke right away, the light quality is unpleasant. Most importantly it uses a two wire setup that causes the string to break easily.

Issues that both of these products have:
-To turn them on and off you have to unplug the USB or the wall plug
-They only have the on and off function, no twinkle function 

Do Fairystring Batteries have the auto shut off function?
The batteries that we are sourcing and shipping to backers do NOT have the auto shut off function, meaning once you turn them on they stay on. We have been testing our final Fairystring batteries over here for the past few weeks and haven’t faced that problem.

What’s the benefit of a manual physical switch compared to a on/off button?
We have replaced the button on the USB port of the Fairystring with a manual physical switch which allows for the string to remain always twinkling or always on once plugged into a power source. It remains on the same setting despite being plugged in or not. This came about when we were thinking of the potential of future products.

Why Fairystring over cheaper string lights?
The value proposition truly lies in our commitment to developing the best quality product and experience for our customers. We’ve been messing around with these LED lights for over 7 months now and have begun to realize that the majority of what is available is junk. Within that time frame we have been able to identify what exactly makes for a good String Light and what doesn’t.  Because this is the first of many products, we want to make sure that the price our customers are paying for Fairystring is justified with quality and constant development.

We will be the “big dog” of USB String lights. As you know, you get what you pay for and that’s extremely important to us. We believe in creating a deLIGHTful product and brand experience for our customers.

Why only 3 control modes if you have full control over each LED? Other string lights have more than 10 settings.
Yes, absolutely true. However we believe that simplicity is best. We believe in creating a reliable product and brand that people feel happy to bring into their home. 31 different flavors for a string light is overwhelming and obtrusive. It’s not an ice cream shop. That’s why we have put so much effort into making our signature twinkling a natural and integrative setting so that people have the option to differentiate their atmosphere, without exasperating every function possibility.

Are we (backers) still going to get size S fairystring?
Yes because we reached our stretch goal of $10,000!

What would the realistic delivery time for the strings be? The campaign finished on end of May, and there will be 2 weeks until Kickstarter gave you the money as well as confirmation on who paid and who's not. So delivery on May is unrealistic IMO.
You are absolutely correct. We are still in the process of getting order survey results. Once we get those we will have a clearer idea on how many of each size Fairystring to manufacture. Delivery in July is realistic. 

My order is stuck with customs!
When travelling across borders, your order may be held up at customs. Sadly, we do not have any control over this, we are all at the mercy of your country’s customs officials. Please be aware that there is always the potential for international orders to get caught up in the system, and your package may be delayed up to 7 weeks. This is not a common occurrence, but it can happen. Once we’ve shipped your package, we cannot do anything once it is in possession of customs officials and your country’s postal service.

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