Fairystring EXPLOSION

This is the Fairystring Explosion package aka XPLSN! This includes one of everything:

1 x Fairystring - Size S - 6ft / 2M
1 x Fairystring - Size M - 12ft / 4M
1 x Fairystring - Size L - 24ft / 8M
1 x Fairystring - Size XL - 48ft / 16M

1 x Fairystring Single USB Battery
1 x Fairystring Dual USB Wall Plug

 * = Please send a note with your desired plug type. Choose from USA, EUR or UK. If no note is sent, the USA type plug will be included.


Fairystring - The sparkliest little lights you will ever plug into a USB. Portable, durable, and simply put the prettiest thingy you will ever decorate with. Lovely little string lights everywhere you go.

Universally compatible with billions of USB outlets anywhere on land, sky, or under the ocean. Plug it in. Light it up. Set the mood.

Fairystring works with all USB wall plugs. Or you can take your Fairystring on the go, with our portable, lightweight and rechargeable USB battery. 

Fairystring makes ordinary adventures become a little more magical.

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