Fairystring Single USB Battery

===== For Kickstarter Backers Only! =====

The live store and current pricing is for Kickstarter backers only.

This offer will only be available for the next week. 

To all of my Kickstarter backers. I want to thank you all for your support, generosity, and excitement about Fairystring. I appreciate the incoming comments and messages on the Kickstarter page and gratefully anticipate more in the future. Moving forward I am learning that unexpected nuances are part of starting a business.  

I greatly appreciate your support, your following, and giving me a chance to bring Fairystring into your life.

Excited to see what the future brings.



Fairystring is universally compatible with billions of USB outlets anywhere on land, sky or under the ocean. Plug it in. Light it up. Set the mood. Everyones favorite part: You can take your Fairystring on the go with our portable, lightweight and rechargeable USB battery!

In addition to lightning up your Fairystring, these little puppies also power up just about everything else that charges via USB. Such as iPhone's, iPad's, Android Phones, GoPro's and numerous other things. Pretty neat.


  • Single USB port
  • Re-charges via included micro USB cable
  • 3400mAh of energy
  • Full 1A output

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